Tortas Dolly

Tortas Dolly

Tortas Dolly was born out of the idea of returning to traditional sandwiches such as the ones in Mexico City and Puebla. Everything starts with a good base, which is the bread, just as you start with the good tortilla to make a good taco. Using the best bread in the area, Tortas Dolly offers a great variety of delicious sandwiches. They are all identified by the primary ingredients, so Tortas Dolly makes sandwiches of octopus, tongue, breaded steak with chilaquiles, and chamorro, which is juicy pork shank all cooked in their own oven. Among the most popular with the customers are the Cuban, made with ham and roasted chicken (also prepared in their own oven) and one made with chilaquiles and breaded chicken. Another favorite is the cochinita, which is a Yucatan recipe of the owner’s mother. All the dishes are very well made, and you can confirm this when you taste them. It’s a pleasant surprise to find a simple meal made with attention to detail at a good price. 


But Tortas Dolly has more than just sandwiches. They also have frijoles charros, lime soup, French fries, stuffed chile peppers—all of which can be ordered as sides to your sandwich. They also have some desserts. Everything is presented very well with exceptional care for hygiene. Their beverages consist of tasty juices and fresh “licuados.” Everything is made on the spot. Another bonus is that they have free delivery, so you can enjoy any of these in your home. 


If you go to their website and make your order from there, you will receive a discount for the first order. You can find them on social networks under: TortasDollySMA


Thu-Tue 9am-5pm

Salida a Celaya 5

415 688 3815