The Best Dramas

The Best Dramas

Do you enjoy a good drama? Well, here I give you several that you are sure to enjoy.


“Okja”: It seems that movies about exotic species in danger of extinction because of the selfishness of the world never bore us.” Okja” is the story of girl and her giant mutant pig. The film has digital effects so good that they make the fantastic beast as real as E.T. It’s a tale about animal rights activists doing battle with a large corporation that wants to put the pig on a poster for a new line of meat products. South Korean director Bong Joon-ho presents a thought-provoking movie that will make you feel melancholy, sad, and frightened, but always enchanted. 


“12 Years a Slave”: The third production by Steve McQueen, this movie received an award for Best Picture at the Oscars in 2013. Not all award winners are great movies, but this one fits the bill with a great cast led by Oscar winners Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o as well as Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Dano. It tells the story of a mulatto—the son of white and black parents—who is sold into slavery.


“Sully”: This film starring Tom Hanks is based on true events. Actual situations are often a pull for audiences who want to know the truth of what happened. Clint Eastwood, who directed the movie, manages to place us inside the mind of Sully, the captain of Flight 1549, the plane that crashed. The captain had to make a split-second decision while responsible for the lives of hundreds of passengers, and he did it with common sense and the best possible effort. Years later, during the trial, his actions were judged unfairly by those who could only imagine what it was like to be in that cabin at the time the emergency took place. It’s clear that we cannot compare what a computer could do under those circumstances versus the actions of a human being. This is a tight, exciting movie from beginning to end.

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