Public works towards elections

Public works towards elections

During this month, the renovation of public spaces in San Miguel de Allende has increased.


According to authorities on August 6 of this year, Mayor Luis Alberto Villareal began the paving of calle José Mercadillo in Colonia San Rafael.


The project to pave the streets José Mercadillo, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez and Rafael Acosta, are part of the #EmbellezandoMiColonia program of the Secretary of Social and Human Development (SEDESHU), the project was published on the federal gazette July 7, that is, one year before the formal start Villarreal’s term.


In the San Luis Rey neighborhood on July 7, the renovation of calle Venustiano Carranza began, an event that the municipal government described as “historical”, the work according to data from the local government is an investment in conjunction with the state government of approximately 14 million pesos.


Also, recently on Guadalupe Avenue the continuation of the project of the arches that will be next to the San Juan de Dios market and the Paríán area was announced.


The project called “Arcada de la Avenida Guadalupe” plans to renovate the sidewalk of the avenue next to the market and aesthetically benefit merchants and the general population, neither the municipal government nor the president have declared about the project.


A few months before, on Thursday, December 12, 2019, President Villareal inaugurated Guadalupe Avenue, which was closed for its rehabilitation, amid protests by local trees that were removed from the Avenue by orders of the municipal Presidency to carry out the rehabilitation of space.


Public works have become a part of promotion for President Villarreal, since in addition to the works already mentioned, the renovation of the planters in the San Juan de Dios neighborhood, the construction of the CADI of the DIF of San Miguel de Allende and, the supervision of the construction in Olimpo street.


All actions for the renovation or creation of public spaces are carried out in preparation for next year’s elections.