San Miguel de Allende traffic light is orange now

San Miguel de Allende traffic light is orange now



On August 5 of this year, the state of Guanajuato moved to orange the traffic light. This means the reactivation of some activities in the state. The Secretary of State Health Daniel Díaz Martínez and Mauricio Usabiaga Díaz Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development gave the announcement.


Hours later, Luis Alberto Villareal, mayor of San Miguel de Allende, posted a statement on Facebook announcing the new protocols to follow for the reopening of economic activities, also saying that these activities will come into effect until August 12. They will have to be submitted for discussion and approved by the city council on August 10.


The spaces that may be opened are:


Gyms and private sports clubs this with a maximum capacity of 30% of their total capacity, in some gyms a prior appointment is required to enter the property.


Trade places such as public markets and tianguis will increase their capacity to 50% of their total capacity, the ban on non-local merchants remains.


Hotels will also receive an increase in capacity of 50% while spas, swimming pools and spas will open with a maximum capacity of 30% of their total capacity.


The spaces that will continue to be closed due to the pandemic are: 


Movie theaters, theaters, churches, festivals and civic events, as well as common areas in subdivisions.


Next week the representatives of churches will meet with the municipal government to analyze safety and hygiene protocols that allow the reopening of these spaces.


President Villareal urged the population not to “let their guard down,” continue with the precautionary measures and follow the established guidelines.


Source: Facebook Gobierno Municipal San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villareal.