Put It On Already!

Put It On Already!

The private sector and civil organizations have come together to create a new campaign encouraging the use of face masks, which are mandatory in the state of Guanajuato. They are seeking more conscientiousness about their use and fewer sanctions. Their idea is that since Mexico’s Independence movement began in San Miguel de Allende, it can also be where the COVID-19 virus is stopped. It’s as simple as enforcing the use of face protection.


The campaign was launched at a meeting hosted by Carlos González, general manager of Los Milagros restaurant, and was attended by restaurateurs, hoteliers, the media, and City Auditor Veronica Agundis. González explained that the idea behind this campaign occurred to him when he heard that San Miguel might have to return to a full lockdown. In his view, this is not feasible, especially since the city just started re-opening to tourism. With hotels now permitted to operate at 40% capacity—and with restaurants, shops, and other services also open—a return to lockdown would cause further economic harm. Better compliance in the use of face masks is necessary.


During the meeting, it was determined that the group does not advocate public sanctions for those who do not wear face masks. Rather, the emphasis should be on appealing to the citizens’ by encouraging them to take care of one another by wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus. Only then can the contagion be stopped. 


It was also suggested that not only should government officials advise people to wear masks, but also the citizens of San Miguel. 


Sanmiguelenses should speak out when they see someone without a face mask and tell them that it is mandatory in our city.