Top Five Documentaries on Amazon

Top Five Documentaries on Amazon

I did a search on Amazon for some worthwhile documentaries. The list I’ve compiled has titles that are accessible in both English and Spanish. 


The first one is “Hitchcock/Truffaut.” In 1962, François Truffaut convinced Alfred Hitchcock to grant him an eight-day interview. During the course of these eight days and through their conversations, the young (then) French director learned some secrets of movie making from the great English-American director whom he greatly admired. The documentary is a compilation of original recordings which were later used for the book of the same title. There are major lessons to be learned about moviemaking in both the book and the documentary.


“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”: This documentary introduces us to the world of bitcoin—also called crypto-money or virtual money. It’s a monetary unit that has revolutionized the online community over the last decade. We are about to find out how this is going to impact the global market.


“Six Dreams”: This is an in depth look at professional soccer through the eyes of, as the name suggests, six individuals. The documentary deals with the lives of six people involved in the Spanish Premier League—La Liga—through the 2017–2018 season. The story follows three players, a sports manager, a trainer, and a soccer club president. Their stories offer a personal vision of their daily rituals, victories, and challenges of soccer at the highest level.


“Dear Mr. Watterson”: Calvin and Hobbes have brought joy to millions of readers around the globe since Bill Watterson introduced them on newspaper pages in 1985. This documentary explores how this “simple” comic strip impacted its fans forever as well as the industry and a whole generation of artists. It shows how Calvin and Hobbes has remained a favorite for all these years.


“Knuckle”: The documentary was filmed over a 12-year period, offering an unrestricted view of the world of Irish professional fighting. The documentary covers street boxing and open fighting. It focuses on three Irish families who are tied through a bar brawl that leads to a 90-year feud.