Online Courses from Harvard University

Online Courses from Harvard University

There are some really worthwhile courses to consider from this Ivy League university. You can find them on the site The ones I am presenting here are all free of charge.


Buddhism Through Its Scriptures: Learn about the rich and diverse beliefs and practices of Buddhists across time and place. The reader can experience Buddhism through its scriptures, both relationally and academically. Through a combination of carefully selected readings, both scriptural and informational as well as exposure to various forms of Buddhist practice such as art, devotional acts, and literary works, you will learn how to interpret, reflect upon, and apply the teachings of the Buddha to your own life and deepen your understanding of Buddhism.


Nonprofit Financial Stewardship Webinar: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements: This interesting course is a series of web seminars, including an introduction to accounting, that are designed to present the basic concepts of finance for those who have had little experience or exposure to these disciplines. These web seminars can be done at your own pace and are sponsored by the educational program of Harvard University Kennedy School. One of the presenters is Eric Schwartz, general director of PricewaterhouseCoopers National Assurance Health Services.


U.S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies: Public policy puts laws into action. The executive branch directs the combined activities of the federal government to address a multitude of problems from the environment to the economy. The policies of the United States affect social issues, economic growth, taxes, regulation, and foreign affairs. This course takes a broad view of public policy in America but will use specific examples, such as the 2008 economic downturn and climate change, to illustrate the wide-ranging effects of those policies. It addresses the intersection of religion and politics and the political divisions they create. This course will serve as an overview of the American government, concentrating on overarching tendencies such as its fragmented power structure. The importance of these tendencies will be explained by showing how thoroughly each of them affects American politics.

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