Panio: bread to share

Panio: bread to share

By Fernanda Noriega


“A subtle variety of textures and flavors” is Panio’s promise at each of its branches. One of them is located at Relox 12, the second at Correo 29 and another at Salida a Celaya 67-69.


They top the list of the most refined bakeries in San Miguel, their sweet and savory breads are the stars of the brand’s concept.


Commonly, one chooses a type of bread depending on the dish that is going to be enjoyed.  However, at Panio the different pastries, breakfasts, main dishes, pizza, appetizers and cocktails serve as the perfect accompaniment to bread.


Whether you come for breakfast or lunch, or you prefer to take the products home to enjoy with your family, their savory and sweet breads are baked in the highest quality and are a combination of taste and elegance.


Established in San Miguel, Panio has a Franco-Italian heritage and specializes in satisfying even the most demanding of palates. From being pared with cold meat or salchichón, to a puff pastry with salmon, the taste of good bread is the culinary experience here.


They also have pastry workshops, catering, and the advice of a French chef who can recommend the best gastronomic option to enhance the taste of bread.