The State of Hidalgo: Cultural destination

The State of Hidalgo: Cultural destination

By Carmen Rioja


The State of Hidalgo, a neighbor of Querétaro and the State of Mexico, has so much natural and cultural wealth that it would take several weeks to discover at least the most important sites.


In the recent Children’s and Youth Book Fair of Hidalgo by the Secretary of Culture Leyza Aída Fernández Vega, writers of various genres appeared to share their opinions on literature and culture with the readers.


The program included talks at the Cultural Center of the Railway where renowned local and foreign writers such as Yuri Herrera and Mariana Hernández, Bernardo Esquinca participated. They also held a conversation among female writers named Virginia Woolf´s daughters, participants were Maritza Buendía, Rocío Cerón, Rowena Bali, Julia Cuéllar, Sandra Frid, Magali Velasco and Paola Tinoco.


Ten minutes from Pachuca, the capital of the State, you will find Mineral del Monte, an unexpected cultural destination that preserves the original physiognomy of the mining towns of the 16th century. A flawless museum that was the old hospital built around 1910 in an English architectural style with the stone materials from the surrounding area. It was built to provide professional health care for mine workers and their families. In addition, on its walls you can see the old posters with a didactic sense of accident prevention. Turn-of-the-century stainless steel surgical splints and instruments, WWII stretchers and appliances; They are displayed in the multiple showcases that make up the museography with the original objects in situ.


There is also Mineral de Chico and Santa María Regla among other wonderful mining towns, which you can visit and their museums where you can descend to some of the mines.


The Hacienda de Santa María Regla, offers a luxury accommodation and is located next to the riverbed, just a few hundred meters from the Los Prismas Basálticos Park, undoubtedly one of the wonders of the world. A ravine that formed the river, revealing by erosion the hidden formations of the earth, a series of monumental columns in the shape of an octagonal prism of pure basalt that were formed millions of years ago by the extrusion of red hot lava under cold water. This thermal shock caused the organization in octagons of the hundreds of columns of igneous material during their expulsion from the inner layers of the planet.


As for the gastronomy of the State, it is no less to marvel. At the first opportunity, be sure to try the tlacoyos, which are a kind of huarache made from fresh corn dough and filled with green peas, bathed in green sauce, cheese and on top, whatever you order. The region proclaims itself the cradle of the extraordinary pit barbecues and ximbó chickens. Although I am a Northerner, I recognize the honor to whom honor deserves. And finally, for being the kings, the pastes take a medal of honor. Wheat patties baked in the English tradition, but glorified with the national filling, beans with chili. I think it is one of those delicacies that one could eat to death.