SAPASMA Assures There Will Be Water in the San Luis Rey Area

SAPASMA Assures There Will Be Water in the San Luis Rey Area

People from several neighborhoods in the San Luis Rey area called a meeting on the site where work is being done on the drinking water network. This was because they contend that for six months SAPASMA will withdraw their supply. “What are we going to do without water?” they questioned.


The residents of neighborhoods such as Emiliano Zapata, Montes de Loreto, and Santa Cecilia met in the area where work was being done. They wanted to get information from the workers, who stated that they were doing their job, and that any other information had to be requested directly through the system.


“They have already destroyed garambullos, just see the hill; and we know that the work they are doing is to provide water to this new subdivision, and to the Artesantos,” one of the people concerned about the water cuts told Atencion. “Here we have professionals, retired people, Mexicans, foreigners, living here and we want regular service,” she asserted.


The day after the protesters expressed their concerns, SAPASMA published a statement assuring that water will not be cut off, and also that the people of the neighborhoods were notified in advance about the intended projects.


The Potable Water and Sewerage System informs that the commitments to the citizenship includes bringing the vital fluid to the homes of Sanmiguelenses. It is not, nor will it be the exception in Colonia San Luis Rey, Montes de Loreto, Santa Cecilia, La Lomita, and Insurgentes in Plutarco Elías Calles Street.


The work is intended to replace the conduction and distribution pipes, since currently they are more than 30 years old, and the objective is to replace them with new ones. On September 15, a meeting was held to present the scope of the work to the neighbors at the SAPASMA offices. Above all else, it was announced that they will have water service while the work is carried out.