What Happened to Ignacio?

What Happened to Ignacio?

By Irineo Muñoz


The play begins with Ignacio, a 14-year-old young man, lying on the floor. 


But what happened? 


It is the question that our investigator will ask herself, and, together with the public, they will try to discover who the culprit of this event is. For that, we will have to understand what happened a few hours before the incident. We will return to the moment when Ignacio was calm and at home, thinking that he was alone…but it was not like that. Unforeseen visits began from family, friends, neighbors…


One of them must be the culprit.


Can you guess who? 


It all started with a call…


We have created a play presented by a group of young people ranging from 10 to 14 years old (Izel, Miya, Renata, Lua, Estrella, Dominique, Emilia, Kyan, Ameyali, Gretel, and Giuliana).


Since 2015, Leila Camou, teacher and theater director, has been teaching theater classes to groups of children and adolescents; at the end of the year, they present a play to the public. Camou created the Foro del Valle (FOVA), a space dedicated to theater, where they can work, stage, and create plays. Each work is original, the result of the mixture of ideas proposed by the students, the director, and the improvisations during the classes. They are a committed group, eager to share their love for theater and tell stories that create noise. 


FOVA is a space for creation, for theater, and for video—from writing and assembly to production and design. The objective of the space is to open the mind through theater, to develop mental agility, and create a solid, supportive group where everyone has their place and their voice. They want to undertake works that create noise, stimulating both the public and those who perform. The characters in the works are built by each member through the improvisations made and the need for expression of each person. 


Tickets are available at the theater box office and online at www.teatrosantaana.org.