Jóvenes Adelante New Students Issue a Grito of Change: Part 1, “Linda”

Jóvenes Adelante New Students Issue a Grito of Change: Part 1, “Linda”

By Don Krim 


First in a series focusing on stories of our incoming 2021 class.

Student: Linda 

Field of Study: Law


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela


“I especially wanted to start with that phrase because it has been with me for three years and it is one of the few sentences that I can read a thousand times and continue to have the same concept of it: education is the basic tool to improve a person, society, or the world. Only through it can we achieve great changes. Of course our country needs an urgent change, and I want to be part of that change; I want to fight for a safer society. I know that we can achieve this change with true professionals who are more interested in helping others than helping themselves.


I am currently studying Law at the University of Guanajuato, but why choose this career precisely, why do I want to be a lawyer? Well, law is a beautiful career and it is also one of the few careers that includes almost everything we do on a daily basis. Since I was little, I liked to help people resolve their conflicts, no matter how minimal. I always had the desire that one day the national reality would change, that they would stop committing so many abuses of people, that finally one day I will not find one news story of any tragedy or corruption. So why wait for someone else to change that reality, if I can also contribute to that change? I consider that from a young age it is important to know the laws by which we are governed and the rights and guarantees that we have and how to enforce them.”


Linda learned the value of education, achievement and hard work from her mother. To illustrate these values as well as her extracurricular interests Linda writes that, “For 15 years I have participated in the Representative Folk Ballet of San Miguel de Allende. My mother made me see it as a prize due to my efforts at school.”


Linda is one of 34 new prized members of the class of 2021. Each represents the first generation in their families to reach for university. Before we know it, Jovenes Adelante will begin a new cycle of application and selection for the class of 2022. Those future scholars, too, will be first generation university students, or from single parent, low income families. Each will also have a story and JA will become a part of that. You can be too.


To find out more about our students and how to support them and their hopes of growth and change, please visit www.jovenesadelante.org