Kitten Population Explosion at the SPA

Kitten Population Explosion at the SPA

By Jayn Corral


For more than a year, COVID-19 closed most of the sterilization blitzes in San Miguel de Allende. And guess what? San Miguel, as I am sure is the same for most other communities, is experiencing an explosion of homeless and unwanted kittens and puppies.


The SPA is replete with adorable kittens that need responsible homes.


For example, a volunteer and her neighbors fed a feral cat that they named Bandito. After a few weeks, they discovered that Bandito was actually Bandita and had delivered a litter of kittens. They found homes for a couple of the babies, but Willow and Walter were not so fortunate. They are now at the SPA, where they will be cared for until responsible adopters can be found.


Walter is a fluffy black and white tuxedo kitten and is one of our most affectionate and playful kittens. Willow is also a black and white tuxedo kitten with shorter fur. She is adorable and stands out, sporting a black beauty mark on her pink nose. Both arrived at the SPA in early May 2021 at the age of two months. They get along well with their many roommates and enjoy the company of humans.


Zain and Zander are adorable tabby kittens, about four months old. They are the top athletes in Kitten World and should be advancing to the Olympics in gymnastics and track. They are the offspring of cats whose owner chose not to sterilize. Without the SPA’s involvement, they were destined to be put in the garbage.


We have quite a few more kittens that might be a perfect choice for your family. Please visit our website at (Adopt Me Cats) to see all of our lovely cats in need of a permanent home. Adoption hours are 11am-2pm, Monday-Saturday, Los Pinos 7. While you’re perusing our website, please donate to help us cover the annual cost of feeding our cats and dogs. Details are on this page of our website: We would appreciate your help in reaching our goal of 250,000 pesos.


Our clinic also is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 9am-3pm. We offer lower-priced services with special prices on Tuesday and Saturdays and hours extended to 4. If you already have a cat or dog, this month, the SPA is offering a 20 percent discount on dental cleanings. Call 415 152 6124 for an appointment.


Many people have the misunderstanding that the United States’ CDC advice to reopen to pre-pandemic normal means that we in Mexico are opening as well. On the contrary, the COVID-19 status in Mexico is much different than that in the United States. Mexico lags in vaccinations and continues to have new cases and more coronavirus deaths. Because of this, we at the SPA continue to enforce our COVID-19 precautions, which limit those that can enter and volunteer. Those entering the SPA must wear a mask and practice social distancing.