Vaccinated and smiling, we celebrate first responders

Vaccinated and smiling, we celebrate first responders

Dozens of first responders gathered at the Red Cross building to celebrate their day of recognition and receive awards for their care of Covid patients.


In 2020, due to the pandemic, the annual first responder celebration was canceled. This year, with some restrictions lifted, some gatherings allowed again, and with everyone vaccinated against the virus, they met once again. They hugged and encouraged each other, but most of all they celebrated life.


The program began with the inauguration of an integrated mural on the facade of a building on Libramiento Manuel Zavala. The work was done by Félix, who explained the meaning of the art. He said that he placed an ambulance above the clouds to symbolize that “the Red Cross is alert and watching over San Miguel, for the benefit of all.” The work comes under Paulina Cadena’s Department of Culture and Traditions and President of the Red Cross Leticia Fernández de Noyola. The celebration included an awards ceremony for the first responders, who have, and continue to treat Covid patients. Fernández Loyola  also received an award for her dedication during 16 years of uninterrupted service in San Miguel de Allende, seven of them as president.


Fernández, in her speech, congratulated the first responders and told them that, “in the Red Cross there is only room for people full of love for their fellow man, dedicating time and soul to their vocation to serve. The Red Cross paramedics are leaders full of dedication, leaders of excellence because they focus their duties on preserving life, regardless of the time of day. Their work transforms tragedy into relief, and suffering into hope.” She highlighted the joys, such as the births of three babies born in the last year in ambulances.


The president of the Red Cross told the paramedics gathered, “I know that at the beginning of the contingency we felt powerless, with many questions regarding the decision to help our neighbor or protect ourselves from a devastating disease that continues to attack us. But our faith was greater than our fears. We know that the Red Cross prepares us to be strong and safe and able to professionally fulfill our duty.”


The first responders ate breakfast along with a cake, received gifts donated by local businesses, and uniforms delivered by the Board of Directors.