A place to enjoy life as it goes by

A place to enjoy life as it goes by

On Correo Street, near the corner with Corregidora is Cumpanio, French-Italian café and restaurant. It’s a place where a customer comes in, makes himself comfortable, and leaves the rest to the talented staff. The name is a combination of the word Cum, a companion, and Panio, a play on the word for bread. It’s supposed to imply the sharing of bread. Initially they were a bakery, restaurant and bar, all in one but separated by a bar on the floor that is still visible to this day.


Later, they diversified in order to grow and improve. Next to one of the large windows there is a small table with comfortable seats where you can sit and look at the wine list presented by the server. The wines are mostly from Spain and France, with some locals that come from the Santísima Trinidad vineyard. For a starter, he might suggest a Tosta de calamares served on sourdough bread with alioli and chorizo. While enjoying the Tosta, paired with either a wine or beer, you can listen to a musician offering a song outside. Or you might catch a newly married couple walking by with their entourage, perhaps an actor, or a sports figure, but definitely the people who make up and preserve the culture and traditions of San Miguel.


Lost this way watching life go by or engaged in a lively conversation, the customer can then consider the possibilities for a main course. One good option might be the beef ribs, marinated in dark beer, with a creamy polenta and sautéed asparagus on the side. In the end, the chosen beverage, the food, the view, the service and the entire experience will be most worthwhile. 


They are open every day, except Wednesday, from 9am-9pm. 

Correo 29