Burger Stop

Burger Stop

On Salida a Celaya you can find a place called Patio 32, where there are 4 different cuisines: Bubuzela pizza: pizzas, baguettes and salads; La Wera: seafood tostadas, shrimp pozole, and other dishes; Meat Me: smoked meats, grills and all kinds of meats and various cuts. Finally, the fourth option is Burger Stop, which offers hamburgers, wings, and nachos. Their burger menu consists of Burger Stop, Guacamole Style, and Mini. The burgers are either 200 grams or the Mini at 150g. There are many styles of wings such as the BBQ, the habanero mango, and the lemon pepper.


If you are a lover of snacks, this is the place for you because you will also find nachos. You can accompany your burger with the beer of your choice and cocktails with tequila, mezcal, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey or other spirits. Drinks without alcohol include lemonades, orangeade, natural clamatos and soft drinks. If you like to finish with something sweet after your savory meal, you can find a variety of desserts. It could be a carrot cake, chocolate cake, oatmeal cookies, Nutella cookies, peanut cookies or pecan cookies. There are also different milkshakes like strawberry, vanilla, and Oreo.


You can call 415 104 6250 for home delivery. However, it is quite lovely to visit in person because it’s an outdoor place, pet friendly, full of life, and they provide high quality service. Remember to eat locally and visit them on Thursdays because you get free nuggets when you buy a pizza. At Burger Stop a hamburger and 10 wings or a hamburger and an order of nachos is 220 pesos. At Wera they offer 3 tostadas or a pozole and a tostada for 200 pesos. And Corona and Victoria beers are 2×1.


Mon-Fri, 2-10pm

Sat and Sun 1-10pm

415 104 6250

Salida a Celaya 32