San Miguel de Allende hosts the “Festival for the World”

San Miguel de Allende hosts the “Festival for the World”

San Miguel de Allende will host the “Festival of the World”, the municipality will participate in the exchange of culture from countries such as Paraguay, Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Bulgaria and Cuba, the countries will exhibit their different artistic expressions such as; dance, muralism, plastic art, gastronomy, theater, cinema, photography among others.


The event began on Monday, May 24, however, the cultural expressions of the different countries can be enjoyed until October, the exhibitions will be placed in public spaces for the admiration of residents and tourists.


Today, Wednesday, May 26, will be the closing of the first part of “Welcome Paraguay”, with a dinner by chefs Romina Roura and Sofia Pfanni, the chefs will also be hosts in their restaurant Trazo – at Casa 1810 Hotel Boutique. 


Also, already available is the photographic exhibition “A Journey through Paraguay”, located in San Francisco Street, the exhibition will be available for your admiration from May 25 to June 4.


Then, from June 16 to 21 it will be Italy’s turn, from June 14 to 22 it will be time for Peru, from August 4 to 8, Bolivia, from September 1 to 5 will be Bulgaria and, finally, from October 1 to 3 the Festival the World will end activities with the cultural and artistic expressions of Cuba.


Sources: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende, State Government of Guanajuato.