Ricardo Ferro Wants the Experience of the Expat Community

Ricardo Ferro Wants the Experience of the Expat Community

Ricardo Ferro, candidate for mayor of San Miguel with the MORENA party, has made clear what he wants to recover in San Miguel. Among his plans is the regulation of water—every Sanmiguelense will have access to potable water if he wins. 


In an interview, published on our Facebook page, Ricardo Ferro questioned the drilling of seven wells on the banks of the Allende dam by SAPASMA. According to his data, nobody knows where the water will go to, since there is no transparency in the project. In his political slogans he says that if he wins the election, he will revise all the documents and permits granted by the administration to housing developments, especially those that have to do with water feasibility. He said that it is inhumane and impossible that in 2021 there are still people in the urban area with no potable water. He also expressed his concerns about the indiscriminate use of potable water for agricultural lands and livestock. 


For that reason, he is proposing sewage service to those rural communities that do not have it, and also will equip them with a water treatment plant. The water would be directed to man-made lakes to be constructed under his administration. Those lakes would never go dry because and there would always be recycled water that could be use to irrigate the crops, and for livestock. 


He assured that if he wins the race, his entire cabinet will be made up by people from San Miguel. That does not mean that he will not include expats, or people from other states and cities. He said he will have commissions, and all those with experience will be allowed to participate in them, to help him become the best mayor that San Miguel has ever had. 


If he wins, he also wants to focus his energy on getting 300 more police officers that the city needs. He said this will be possible by offering a good salary, and also better insurance. Currently the insurance for a police officers who dies on duty is 130 thousand pesos. He wants an insurance up to five million pesos, an amount that will sustain the widowed, and guarantees that if the police officer dies while working, the children have access to better education.