Campaigns and Wall Slogans

Campaigns and Wall Slogans

“Welcome to development, progress, employment, and order” is the message that appears on two walls exactly on the border between San José Iturbide and San Miguel de Allende. There, former President of Mexico Vicente Fox backed PAN delegate Ricardo Villarreal, who is running for reelection. He is running against the Morenista Mayor of San José Iturbide Genaro Marín Zúñiga, who wants to represent the northern section of Celaya, San Miguel de Allende, Comonfort, and San José Iturbide.


The politicians met in Los Pirineos, a community partly in San Miguel and partly in San José Iturbide. Attended by a hundred residents, the former president of Mexico, asked them to vote for the PAN party. The current Federal Government has eliminated programs that the PRI and PAN created to help those who need it most, such as Prospera, or Seguro Popular, he said. He reminded those present that while he was in office as president, the country’s largest road network was built. Fox claims that the populist government of AMLO and MORENA halted development by sending the entire federal budget to southeast Mexico for the construction of refineries “and the Mayan train.” “Go out and vote on June 6, but recruit ten others, and vote for National Action,” concluded former President Fox.


Candidate Ricardo Villarreal said that the walls along the border area that say “MORENA’s cancer begins here” will be demolished when the MORENA candidate for mayor of San José Iturbide, wife of the current mayor, is defeated. She is also candidate for federal deputy for District II. “Investors who come to San José have to sleep in Querétaro,” said Villarreal, because security is not guaranteed in that municipality. He is sure that on the night of June 6, or the morning of June 7, the slogans will be replaced by one of progress, because he will have won. 


“In San Miguel de Allende there is international tourism, it is safe, there is development and employment,” said Villarreal. He contrasted that with San José Iturbide and Comonfort, where MORENA governs, and there is insecurity and extortion.


After winning the election Villarreal says that the path will be to work with society, so that there is security, investment, and employment. He suggested that a single party should not be given control of the Chamber of Deputies in Guanajuato.