San Miguel Will Soon Have a New Mayor

San Miguel Will Soon Have a New Mayor

The most complex election in the history of México—according to the National Electoral Institute—will take place on Sunday, June 6. The complexity, it said, is because more than 90 million people nationwide will be voting in the midst of the pandemic.


In this midterm process, 300 federal deputies will be elected, and 200 more will win a seat by proportional representation. Thirty local congressional positions are up for election, as well as 15 governorships. 


Mayoral campaigns will begin April 5, and campaigning for local congressional posts will kick off on the 15th. The campaign for the mayorship will last 59 days, and end on June 2. Elections will take place on Sunday, June 6. The new mayor, city attorney and city councilors will be installed this coming October 10. 


In the Guanajuato Congress, 22 positions are up for direct voting, and 14 will be appointed by proportional representation. For federal posts, the candidates will vie for 14 seats. San Miguel is part of District II, which includes San José Iturbide, Doctor Mora, Tierra Blanca, and Comonfort. 


Not all the parties have announced their candidates. Current Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal, of the PAN party, is seeking reelection. It is still unclear if he will ask for a leave of absence in order to campaign. If so, an interim mayor must be elected by the City Council. One possibility is City Attorney Verónica Agundis, but she is also seeking reelection. 


City Councilor Agustina Morales is running mayor under the Movimiento Ciudadano party; the PRI party has former Mayor Mauricio Trejo; and the Partido Verde will go with Alan Romo (current city councilor). In the MORENA party, there is internal fighting between former Director of Social Development Osvaldo García Arteaga and former candidate in 2018 Ricardo Ferro.