Jóvenes Adelante Hopefuls Share a Piece of their Story: Part 3, “Juana”

Jóvenes Adelante Hopefuls Share a Piece of their Story: Part 3, “Juana”

By Don Krim 


This is the third in a series focusing on new applicant stories. Each of these students was one of the initial 557 who applied. This student is one of 10 nursing school applicants we have received this year, the highest number ever. Could this be a year of COVID affect? None of these students has been selected, nor are these their real names. Nor does sharing their story have any impact on their selection. These are machine-translated and excerpted with permission.


Student: Juana

Field of study: Nursing


Florence Nightingale is the person who inspires me for all of her contributions to the nursing profession and for her work during the Crimean War…I want to study a career to support my parents when they are older and to have a stable job. In five years I see myself as a self-sufficient person with my bachelor’s degree and specialty completed, working in a hospital as a surgical nurse.


I chose my career because I like to be altruistic, and I want to be of help to my family when there is a health problem. I am in a gerento-geriatric care project in which I support older adults in my community with memory activities and prevention of cognitive impairment.


I demand myself to give my best, to focus, and be dedicated in all the duties of the school. My talent is singing and doing crafts. I like listening to music or watching movies with my family because it clears my mind. I have self-knowledge skills, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I know exactly when I need help and when I can give it to others. In my free time I review the pending tasks that I have and, based on that I organize my days, noting in a notebook the activities with the highest priority, so that at the end of the week, I can accomplish all my homework. I believe that determination and will are the main factors that determine success; in addition a strong internal motivation and having the support of the people around you is essential


What motivates me the most about studying for a degree is that I will be able to reward the support of my parents and fulfill my dream of dedicating myself to helping people.


If I was selected for Jovenes Adelante I would like to help inspire other scholars.”


It is too early say whether Isabella ill be one of the final students selected. If she becomes a Jóvenes Adelante Scholar, her odds of making it through a full university career are over three times that of the average Mexican university student — 85%.


Each student has a story and a dream. You can be a part of that story as a financial sponsor or a mentor. JA never accepts a student until funds are committed. To support a student, please contact donkrim@jovenesadelante.org or visit www.jovenesadelante.org.