Eccolo Qua

Eccolo Qua

In Italian, Eccolo Qua means “here it is!” That is the name of the Italian restaurant which also has a logo of a fox, symbolizing its agility, slippery, and difficult to perceive. To honor the Italian cuisine they have typical pizzas such as cheese or pepperoni, but also more unusual toppings like spinach and ricotta or the Hawaiian pizza. Any of these are between $69 and $79 pesos for an individual size. The large size ranges in price between $69 to $119 pesos. Their signature is the Eccolo Qua pizza which has a topping of meatballs, mushrooms, olives, onions and peppers. You can order a slice at $20 pesos, or have an entire one in whatever size suits you: small (32 cm), large (38 cm) or family-size (45 cm). The slices, by the way, are larger than those offered in most of the other pizza places in the area.


Soon they expect to have delivery as well as the use of Rappi and Ubereats. You can find them on Instagram or Facebook as Eccolo Qua. Come and get to know the pizzas at this Italian restaurant; it’s guaranteed to become one of your favorites. It’s located right in front of the bus stop in front of Oratorio church. 


415 113 7623

Jardín Zaragoza, Insugentes 34

Mont-Sun, 11am-8pm