The Perfect Day Of Rossana Patlán Rincón

The Perfect Day Of Rossana Patlán Rincón

Rosana Platán Rincón is a Social Fighter for Women and Gender Specialist Lawyer.


My mornings start at 5:30am with some physical activity such as walking or running. By around 7 in the morning I am taking care of my personal hygiene and then I can start making breakfast for my daughter. She is at school so that way breakfast will be ready for her. I arrange my activities and then head over to El Antojo de Frieda on Canal 71 for my coffee, and by then it’s about 9 in the morning. My legal day (since I’m a lawyer) sometimes involves hearings and courtroom activities. Because of constraints on face to face interactions, we now do video conferences on Facebook on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


I am the founder of Mujeres en Movimiento of San Miguel—MUM A.C , and you can find us on Facebook under than name. We are an organization focusing on benefiting vulnerable women and we have six lines of action to support them. I am a high performance leader in different physical activities such as zumba, spinning, and personalized workouts. I regularly take walks with a group of women. We start at the Parroquia and then walk all through Centro. But we also venture out beyond Centro and enjoy walking at El Chorro, Parque Juarez, Charco del Ingenio, Obraje, rural fields, Aurora, and San Antonio. I am the one who organizes these hikes and they are totally free. What I like the most about them is that we all enjoy the landscape very much and there are already ten of us women who participate.


There is a handicraft market by the Mirador and another on Calle Hidalgo, and I truly enjoy walking through these because there are more than 69 different cultures represented from the surroundings of San Miguel. Once you get to know this beautiful city you can visit the churches. If you are a devout Catholic you could visit the Benedictine Monks in the Sanctuary of Atotonilco,  about 15 minutes from San Miguel. These are centers of peace and spirituality. Another place that I love is Parque Juárez because it has a lot of history and it is a magical place. As far as food, I really like Hecho en Mexico, Mama Mia Campestre, and Las Pizzas at Mama Mia Express. These are some of my favorite places which I frequent the most. Another place that I can highly recommend is Gombos, for their crepes and salads. A place that should be a must for anyone visiting San Miguel de Allende is the café I already mentioned, El Antojo de Frida on Canal 71.


From Thursday to Saturday there are dinners in Campo de la Herradura at Aurora,  where you can find head tacos, traditional tacos, enchiladas, sopes, wings, and crepes, all starting at 7pm. We invite you to visit our beautiful city and we open our arms to you. But we do ask that you respect the places of visit by using a mask, taking proper health measures, and maintaining safe social distance. We need to all take care of each other.