Weekly Horoscopes Feb. 28

Weekly Horoscopes Feb. 28

BY GEORGIA NICOLS February 28, 2021


All Signs: This week fiery Mars enters Gemini to stay until April 23. (That’s seven weeks!) Mars is big-time energy. It activates different parts of our charts to stimulate different areas of our lives. It also affects us personally in terms of our physical and emotional energy. Read your sign (as well as your Rising Sign if you know it) to find out how this blast of energy will affect you. Einstein discovered a formula for the relationship between energy and mass. Apparently, when mass is in pajamas, the level of energy is diminished. It is practically inert in the presence of pizza with pepperoni, mushroom with extra cheese. (No anchovies.)


Aries (March 21-April 19)  

Holy cannelloni! You’re entering a super, turbocharged seven weeks! This is because Mars will be in the part of your chart that affects your everyday activities. The pace of your days will accelerate. You face a jampacked schedule full of errands, tasks, short trips and everyday hustle and bustle. Not only will Mars energize the activity of your days, it will affect your style of talking to others, especially relatives, siblings and neighbours. You want to express your ideas! You will say what you mean and mean what you say! In addition, many of you will write, study and read more than usual. Busy you!


Taurus (April 20-May 20) 

You are the financial wizard of the zodiac. (You practically mint money in your backyard.) Mars will now activate your primary Money House for the next seven weeks, which is why you will identify with your wealth and possessions so much. You will feel like you are what you own. Of course, this is silly, (admittedly you are your car.) Hence you might have disputes about the ownership of something. You might also be excited about a special purchase. Your drive to earn money and act on your moneymaking ideas will be strong! You also might find yourself defending your values to someone. (That’s Mars.)


Gemini (May 21-June 20) 

Hello world! For the first time in two years, fiery Mars will be in your sign for seven weeks. On the upside, this will boost your energy. You’ll be like Popeye after a can of spinach. “I yam what I yam!” Not only will Mars increase your energy, it will make you more competitive and aggressive when dealing with others. You’ll be more of a fighter for your own rights than usual. If attacked, you will respond! However, this supercharged physical energy will help you to get lots of work done. Be careful you don’t come on too strong with others. Even though this is your chance to show the world what you can do – don’t be pushy. Make nice with people.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) 

Not since the spring of 2019, have you felt what you’re going to feel for the next seven weeks. This is because the strong energy of Mars will be “hiding” in your chart. This is not what Mars likes to do. Mars wants to lead the charge into battle! This means you might feel frustrates and irritable. When you try to create a good impression on someone, something might backfire, and you find yourself being your own worst enemy. (Eeek!) What’s happening is that Mars is revealing the self-defeating acts that you do (we all do). Suddenly they’re so obvious! If you want to accuse someone of something, the truth is you’re actually in confrontation with yourself. On the upside, this offers a valuable learning curve about your hidden impulses and tendencies.


Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) 

Mars will be in the part of your chart that affects your friendships and groups. This brings a mixed blessing. On the upside, it will energize you and make you take a leadership role. However, it could make you so bossy, your intentions will backfire. The solution is to coordinate your needs with the needs of others. Look for a win-win solution. You will also be super competitive, which is good if you’re physically active in sports. Not so good in meetings, perhaps. (Zoom or in person.) One positive influence is Mars will stimulate your desire to pursue your goals. Ironically, you will more easily achieve these goals by working with others.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) 

Mars is often a mixed blessing for some signs but for you, it will be a winning thing because for the next seven weeks, Mars will travel across the top of your chart, arousing your ambition more than it’s been pumped for about years. Once you identify a project, you will work extremely hard to achieve your aims. You will want to be independent in whatever you do; and of course, you will want credit. Ideally, you should be your own boss. (Note: conflict with employers, bosses and parents is likely.) The key to your success is to remember your objective. Maybe you will achieve your objective by working better with others? Consider this. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) 

For the next seven weeks, Mars will stimulate your desire to travel. However, most people cannot travel due to Covid restrictions (even though a glance at any street, highway or airport will show you that people are travelling). You will have to be creative. What is really driving you, is your desire for adventure and a chance to learn something new. You want to see new places, new faces and learn new things! How can you do this without physically travelling? Start by getting excited with creative, intellectual work. Do whatever you can to expand your mind. Many will be more involved with the law or something to do with medicine. Publishing and the media will also be activated. Expect an exciting time ahead!


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) 

In the next seven weeks, you might find yourself in a dispute with someone about shared property, inheritances or anything to do with joint resources, particularly money. (Perhaps how to spend a certain amount of money?) This conflict might be about the wealth of someone else, especially a partner. Or perhaps you’re attracted to someone who has a powerful effect upon you and causes you to change? This could be due to a disagreement about values? Meanwhile, Mars will boost your sex drive and make you very passionate. This is a fact. One thing is certain: as you assert yourself in the world, you might discover you have to let go of old ways of doing things and try something new.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) 

For the first time in two years, fiery Mars will be opposite your sign for the next seven weeks. This means you will have to be more patient with partners, spouses and close friends. Mars opposite your sign tends to make you annoyed with others. (That’s because they probably are.) But hey, your reaction or response is within your control, right? To save yourself a lot of grief, resist the urge to just react. Instead, take a beat and process what you’re thinking. What do you want to achieve? Be clear about this and then respond. (Lose the knee-jerk reaction.) For example, if someone annoys you, and you react — this escalates things and you have a rotten evening. Do you want to have a rotten evening? No, you don’t. Your call. Simple. 


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) 

Lucky you! Although the energy of Mars is creating disputes and problems for many people; for your sign, Mars will be useful to you in the next seven weeks, because it will help you to work hard and get things done. You’ll be willing to put aside today’s pleasure for today’s work. (Admirable!) Admittedly, many of you will work for the benefit of someone else but this is something that has to be done. Look for ways to work independently because you will not feel like a team player. Do be careful of health hazards, infections, fevers and accidents because Mars can trigger impulsive, reckless behaviour. Having said this, you will take pride in what you accomplish in the weeks ahead.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) 

For the most part, because fiery Mars will be in your fellow Air sign for in the next seven weeks, things will be good for you! Mars will make you feel confident, energized, decisive and willing to work. Nevertheless, it might stir up conflict with your kids. If so, remember who the adult is. The main influence that you will feel is that you want the freedom to be yourself and express yourself. You will want to do your own thing to an almost reckless degree. Romance will be hot and sexy! You’ll be aggressive in sports and keen to seek out fun diversions. And of course, you will want to play!


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) 

It’s been two years since Mars travelled across the bottom of your chart. In one way, this will stir up a lot of deep, unconscious energy and perhaps trigger behaviour patterns from your past. (If you find yourself behaving compulsively and inappropriately – this is what’s happening.) Meanwhile, you can definitely expect increased activity, and even chaos, on the home front. Residential moves, redecorating projects as well as conflict with family members are some reasons for all this hubbub. Meanwhile, professionally speaking, someone might block your efforts to get ahead. Methinks you might be wise to keep a low profile – and keep your eyes open.