Calle Montes de Oca to be Remodeled

Calle Montes de Oca to be Remodeled

One of the most iconic streets in San Miguel de Allende, and the first where artist Stirling Dickinson posed in an image that became iconic, Calle Montes de Oca is about to change. According to the municipal administration, the undertaking is because the street’s slope is dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles alike.


According to Francisco García, director of the Historic Center and Heritage, the owners of a six-room hotel under construction on the street presented the project to change the street to the local authorities. The proposal was subsequently shared with the neighbors for their approval, said García. The administration has indicated that no cost associated with this project will be borne by the residents of San Miguel. García told Atención that he had not inquired into the cost in general, since the city would not allocate the budget, although subsequently he confirmed that since it is a public street he would inquire into the cost. 


Work will extend from the intersection of Montes de Oca and Salida a Querétaro to calle Garza. The project will include cobblestone and adding squares , fountains, and steps. The reaction of San Miguel residents was varied, ranging from grumblings about “privatization” and “big money,”to applauding the decision. Atención spoke with some neighbors on the street, who said that the government is making decisions on its own accord and that they hadn’t heard of the proposed changes, that “they are ending the city’s magic.”


We asked these people if they would register their complaints or organize demonstrations but they replied that due to their age and the contingency they could lose more than they would gain. However, they are opposed to the project.


Francisco García shared with Atención letters that informed the street’s residents of the project and that they signed to indicate their agreement to the project. García said that none of the homes on the street have garages but if any street resident requires parking support, it will be provided.