Farewell Ernesto Herrera Godinez

Farewell Ernesto Herrera Godinez

Ernesto Herrera was the co-founder and president of Expresión en Corto, later Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) through which he shared international film culture with the people of Mexico. After almost a month fighting COVID-19, he lost the battle; however his legacy remains with those who knew him personally, and those who did not, because he was generous in what he shared. Here are some messages that friends and acquaintances shared via social networks after his death.


Santiago Hoch. Son. It’s with our deepest sadness that we inform all our amazing community that we have lost a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He was an artist and a model businessman; a teacher and a friend to many, he always offered his knowledge freely and lived with passion for both his art and his family. He will be missed by us all. Rest in peace, dear Ernesto. You are already at peace.


Veronica Agundis. City Attorney. I will always miss you dear Ernesto Herrera. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a fundamental part of my professional growth in Guanajuato and León. Fly free and in peace. Hug from the heart for Sarah, Nancy, Santiago, Eli and Johan.


Pepe Báez. Grupo Imagen. Fly very, very high my dear Ernesto. We will miss you. surely you are already in heaven, directing, creating, teaching, innovating, please ask for #MásCinePorFavor (#MoreCinemaPlease) just as you did here for so many years. Thank you always for your love, trust and support, your teachings, your scolding, your laughter, our laughter. Thanks for everything and for so much. Leave at ease, our dear Sarah will always count on us. Here we will be with her. I love you very much and your departure hurts my soul. Have a good trip to eternity.


Luis Alberto Villarreal. Mayor of San Miguel de Allende. Ernesto Herrera was more than a colleague for more than 17 years; he was my dear friend. A good human being, a good man, and a great creative. To Sarah, Jesús, Nancy, Santiago, and their entire family I send my solidary embrace full of blessings. I’ll miss you a lot.


Guillermo González Engelbrecht. México Enroute Communications. Today we see his iconic heart image in many places such as crafts, souvenirs, and international campaigns, but few know that it is the design of my great friend Ernesto Herrera, RIP. We are going to miss you a lot. Thank you for your friendship, teachings, and great moments.


Victor Pérez. Political advidsor. Today your memory will be present in every corner of San Miguel, Guanajuato, León, Cineteca Nacional, Cannes, and Venice; today your talent and creativity are in every heart that is in the handcrafts market, in every home, every office, in brochures or digital media. Today the heart of Mexico is broken; today united we can; with the magic of the arts; because the greatness is in its people; because if you win, we all win; in these short phrases I want to thank you for your friendship, your love, and the respect and admiration that we always had for each other. Today is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later; today the laughter, jokes, and bullying remain in my heart, today you are a big star that will always take care of us from the sky with the cross of more cinema please.


Ricardo Villarreal. Congressman. Another great friend who left ahead of us with this terrible pandemic; dear Ernesto Herrera, we will miss you. Thank you for your friendship of so many years, I send my condolences to all of your family, especially to Sarah Hoch. RIP.


Leticia Fernández. President of the Red Cross San Miguel de Allende. He was a very good friend and an excellent neighbor! RIP, God will receive you with a great party! We will miss him quite a bit. Sometimes there are no words to describe the pain.


Tania Noriz. Editor, Atención San Miguel. Ernesto was always a pleasure to work with. We worked with him and the staff of Zona Gráfica all last year, through the COVID quarantine and everyone from home, on the remodeling of Atención’s website. In those virtual meetings there were more relaxed moments in which Ernesto and I talked a little about everything including, of course, whatever the latest gossip was that had sparked in the city. We liked to gossip; he did so with a great sense of humor, kindness, and elegance. This is how I remember him, and as it does for everyone else, his death weighs heavily on me. See you later Ernesto; then we continue gossiping because there will be much to talk about.