Patronato Pro Niños and Amistad Canada Partnership Pushes Ahead

Patronato Pro Niños and Amistad Canada Partnership Pushes Ahead

By Chery Young


On Jan. 12, Patronato Pro Niños’ fifth mobile medical and dental unit was officially launched in San Miguel de Allende.


Municipal President Luis Alberto Villarreal acknowledged the incredible support of the Canadian Community, “On behalf of the people of San Miguel, we would like to thank them for two years of tireless work to bring this mobile medical and dental unit here. Thank you, Canada; thank you, San Miguel Canadians.”


The acquisition of this mobile unit was achieved with an investment of 1.9 million pesos, collected over two years of work between Patronato Pro Niños and Amistad Canada.


Nory Contractor, the executive director of Patronato, noted that “With this new unit, we will provide even more health services to the disadvantaged of San Miguel, bringing them the best possible care from doctors and dentists and of course a great team of drivers who also serve the unit as dental assistants.”


San Miguel de Allende is home to many families who face day-to-day challenges in accessing adequate medical care for their children. This new mobile unit goes to the more than 500 outlying communities throughout the municipality of San Miguel de Allende. Our mobile units provide treatment and education to thousands of children who would not have access to medical or dental treatment otherwise.


The units have two distinct areas, one configured for dental consultations and the other for medical consultations. The fully equipped vehicles have all the working instruments found in any medical or dental office. Patronato dentists and doctors travel every day to remote locations in the mobile units. 


The organization employs four doctors, six dentists, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and a social worker who treat the children, and pays for medicines and the services of specialist doctors, therapists, and laboratories. Patronato also pays a portion of the cost of transportation to specialty hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Celaya, León, Querétaro, Mexico City, and Irapuato. Parents are expected to pay a nominal 10 pesos contribution each time their child visits a Patronato health care professional.


We want to thank all of our generous donors, and especially the Canadian community and our partner, Amistad Canada. We are delighted to announce that our strong, beneficial relationship has been renewed for two more years. The past two years were focused on fundraising here and in Canada so we could acquire and customize this mobile unit. Now we will need further contributions to support ongoing maintenance and operations. 


For over 50 years, we have been dramatically changing and improving lives by providing the best care available. This year more than ever, with all the challenges and adversities due to COVID-19, children need access to quality medical services. Your contact for giving is Nory Contractor, executive director of Patronato Pro Niños. or 415 125 4792.