Toy, blanket, and Facemask Donation

Toy, blanket, and Facemask Donation

Abraham Vázquez and Leslie Coronado, students from the María del Refugio Aguilar Institute, together with the San Miguel de Allende Red Cross, donated toys, blankets and facemasks to the inhabitants of the Cinco Señores community in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


The students collected the donations with support from Leticia Fernández of the San Miguel Red Cross, the municipal DIF (National System for the Integral Development of Families) and the civil association Amigos al Cien.


Red Cross “Ladies” and “Veterans” who assist in the institution’s secondary activities participated in the donation delivery.


“I am very proud. It is something that we had already planned before, but due to certain situations we had not been able to execute,” said Vázquez.


Children and parents thanked the donation, and Vázquez and Coronado said that they plan to deliver a similar donation to another community in 2022.


They documented the donation on video which will premiere on their YouTube channel, “Our Adventure Book.”