My Perfect Day with Alejandro Cortés

My Perfect Day with Alejandro Cortés

Alejando Cortés—Boomzer to his friends and acquantances—is a muralist and an urban artist from San Miguel. He is studying visual arts at the University of Guanajuato and has painted many murals in San Miguel de Allende and other cities. His murals reflect his love for flora and fauna.

For Alejandro, a perfect day begins with him exercising as soon as he wakes up and then starting his creative work with a new painting project, or simply taking his aerosol paints and going in search of where he can place his ideas in a mural. He has represented San Miguel on several occasions with his murals. 

Every day he either has breakfast at home with his family or walks downtown to have his first meal there.

He enjoys his outdoor painting work very much because people approach him as he is working and engage him in conversation. They like to ask him about his artistic career or simply want to know about his daily activities. 

The other things that make his day special are seeing his girlfriend, especially going out with her for a meal in the evening to enjoy San Miguel’s beautiful views, and then going home to talk about his day with his sisters around the table.