Robin—A Tale of Love and Trust

Robin—A Tale of Love and Trust

By Jayn Corral

I have been fostering cats and kittens and volunteering at shelters for over ten years. While each cat and kitten is a precious life, some win over my heart more than others. I felt a special bond with Robin. This is a tale of love and trust.

Brother Batman and sister Robin grew up together for the first three plus years of their lives. Except for the fact that both are tuxedo black-and-white cats, you would never know that they are related. 

They made their way to the SPA in late September 2020. They are so different that I still cannot figure out if they came from a troubled situation or a good home.

Batman, a huge teddy bear of a cat, took over his area of the SPA as the diplomat, peacemaker, confidant, and best friend to all of the cats and kittens. Watching him groom our youngest three-month old kitten is a sight I will never get out of my mind. A big lug with a gracious, soulful personality, he did his job of making this a much better, more joyful world. It was only a few days before Batman was adopted and living happily ever after.

On the other hand, his sister Robin came to us fearful and downright mean. She cowered in the corner, hissed at anything that came near her, and swatted at all comers with her claws out, intent on doing damage. Her eyes remained dilated in fear for weeks. Somewhere in her past she suffered a badly broken tail that was never treated. Her tail looks like a check mark. 

Every day I would talk to her in her hideaway. I would leave treats for her. After many days, she stopped hissing at me and her swats were with retracted claws. Gradually she began to trust me and allow me to pet her. Every day we made progress and became friends. 

Now she rolls over and lets me pet her belly, paws, head, and neck. When it is time for me to leave, she gently reaches out with both front paws and draws my hand back to her as if to ask for more time together. 

Robin still has a long way to go. I look forward to the day when she will sit on my lap or let me hold her. For now she is in a safe, loving place where she is welcome for as long as it takes for her to be comfortable and hopefully find her new family. 

We have other cats who are ready for a home now, like Duchess and Onyx. The SPA’s adoption hours are 11am-2pm Mon.–Sat., Los Pinos 7, 415 152 6124. Only one person may enter the SPA for an adoption interview—mask and social distancing required.