A Hotline Will Be Launched To Denounce Clandestine Parties

A Hotline Will Be Launched To Denounce Clandestine Parties

“If you don’t take care of yourself we are going to lock you up before they lock us all up.” This was Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal’s message to city residents after a rise in COVID-19 infections and a switch back up from yellow to orange in Guanajuato State’s epidemiological traffic light. 


The Head of Sanitary Jurisdiction II indicated that relaxed measures have led to up to a hundred cases in the past month, whereas transmission was previously slow. Currently, in the last eight more new cases. In light of these developments, the city decided to reverse the traffic light and close bars and restaurants at 10pm. To avoid business closures, job losses, deaths, infections, and lack of access to food, the city council has established measures and sanctions for those who endanger the health of the city.


“The next three months will be terrible in terms of infections and deaths. Remember that difficult days are coming,” Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal said.


Among others, the following measures and proposals were launched: 


The March 2020 protocols will be fortified.


A 911 telephone line with a dedicated operator will be available to take reports on those who do not comply with the health regulations



Service until 10pm., doors close at 10:30pm

50 percent capacity in closed areas, up to 100 percent if there are up to 2 meters distance between clients

Menus will be digital or disposable

No more than 8 customers per table

Sanitation of common areas

Bar seating is prohibited without acrylic panels between service staff and clients



Up to 65 decibels from 8pm. to 10pm.

Sanctions will be economic and will include shutting down noncompliant establishments for a week

Dancing in establishments is prohibited

Masks should be used in restaurants and bars at all times, except when seated at a table



30 percent capacity

Barbers and beauty salons operate by appointment only 

No waiting rooms



Dances, races, civic events, sports activities, etc., are prohibited

Parties or private meetings at home of over 20 people that generate a risk to public health are prohibited

Convention and wedding restrictions remain unchanged



Only merchants with permanent residence in San Miguel can operate

Food and street stand are for to-go service only


Anyone who violates the protocols will be arrested for up to 36 hours, and businesses, in addition to a fine, will have their Health First certificates withdrawn