SPA Clinic Is a Great Choice for Your Veterinary Needs!

SPA Clinic Is a Great Choice for Your Veterinary Needs!

By Megan Gabel


The SPA’s on-site clinic and our full-time veterinarian, Dr. Omar Córdova (shown here with Duchess, the cat), offer lower-cost, high-quality health care for your pets. We are able to meet your pet’s needs, from conducting routine exams and providing vaccinations to diagnosing and treating medical issues, taking x-rays and other tests as needed, performing sterilizations, teeth cleanings, and other surgeries. We also offer packages to reduce the cost of vaccinations and sterilization so all owners can fulfill their responsibilities to take good care of their pets. 


At the SPA, our cat adoption fee (600 pesos) includes sterilization, all current vaccinations, deworming, and the feline leukemia vaccine and booster. For dogs, the fee (600 pesos) includes sterilization, all current vaccinations, deworming, the leptospirosis booster, and enrollment in the Green Paw Pet Registration Program. Because we want to give pet owners the same opportunity to fully protect their animals, we offer packages for these services at a reduced price. Three packages are available at the SPA: 1) Complete Puppy Package, 2) Complete Kitten Package, and, 3) Adult Dog Package. All packages require full payment in advance and expire one year from the payment date. Details about our packages are available on our website on this page: Each package is available in a downloadable PDF format, in Spanish and English.


In addition, we offer more ways for you to save money. Tuesdays and Saturdays are discount days at the SPA with lower prices than on other days for consultations and most vaccinations. Our clinic hours are extended from 9am-4pm on those days and are 9am-3pm, Mon., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. We also give a discount on sterilizations when an SPA pet is adopted and an unsterilized pet is at home. Within two months from the date of adoption, the discount will be given—no limit on the number of pets sterilized, and it doesn’t matter if you adopt a cat and have an unsterilized dog at home or vice versa or both—the appropriate discount applies.


Please come to the SPA, Los Pinos 7, tel. 415 152 6124, and arrange for the right package to protect your pet! We hope you take advantage of the other savings we offer.