Sale of Fireworks Illegal in San Miguel de Allende

Sale of Fireworks Illegal in San Miguel de Allende

During the month of November the Department of Civil Protection will carry out operations for the confiscation of fireworks in the municipality, aiming to eliminate clandestine sales and thereby reduce the risks they cause the San Miguel population.


Josafat Enríquez, director of Civil Protection, indicated that the illegal sale of pyrotechnics will be punished with fines ranging from 2,155 pesos to 10,000 pesos, in addition to the possibility of facing prison time since such sales violate the law on firearms and explosives of the Mexican army.


In the month of September, 2 kilos of fireworks were seized in San Miguel de Allende, as reported by Civil Protection. According to reports, through an anonymous call to 911, a clandestine sale in the San Felipe Neri neighborhood was reported. Upon arrival, authorities impounded fireworks known as “onions,” “cannons,” and “matches.” The homeowners were verbally warned of the consequences of the illegal sale, as well as the risks posed by unauthorized pyrotechnics.


Just last year, Civil Protection reported that a total of 200 kilos of fireworks set for illegal sale were seized in the municipality.


Source: Department of Civil Protection, Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende.