Nativa San Miguel de Allende

Nativa San Miguel de Allende

Nativa is a restaurant where all members of the team are San Miguel de Allende-born. They currently serve breakfast and lunch daily, from 9am-2:30pm. Nativa attempts to use local ingredients in its recipes; meaning they use organic vegetables, but also much of the semi-desert vegetation such as xoconostle, nopal, and of course, garambullo. The menu features hot cakes as well as corn, carrot, and banana breads. For lunch there are various sandwiches, each with a unique name. For example, the “mestizo” has beef, avocado, and a special dressing. There is also a bagel with ham and fried eggs, a croissant with smoked ham, or grilled cheese sandwich with salad. Nativa also features traditional lunch dishes like chilaquiles, molletes, and other egg dishes. I tried the eggs dipped in pork rind sauce and a garambullo smoothie and loved the combination. The independent eggsbathed in chicharrón sauceare a specialty. The sopecito comes with grilled fresh cheese, two eggs, pork rind sauce, and fresh pork rinds as a topping; it’s accompanied by a cold vegetable salad. This is one of their best-selling dishes. Another specialty is the eggs Nativa which are scrambled eggs, chipotle gratin mushroom sauce, all on a bead of beans. Marco Pedrola is the head chef responsible for all the delicious dishes at Nativa. Part of the pleasure of having a meal here is to accompany it with one of their various fruit smoothies made with garambullo, mango, or berries. They also serve light cocktails like mimosas, or wine with berriessummer wine, white wine, or sparkling wine. It is a very special place with a fountain, an outdoor area, and warm decorations that will certainly make this one of your most enjoyable meals in San Miguel de Allende.


Nemesio Diez No. 10 San Miguel de Allende

Mon-Sun. 9am-2:30pm

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