Instituto Allende Adds Romance to its Courtyard

Instituto Allende Adds Romance to its Courtyard

By Lou Christine


With an emphasis on great food, low prices, and especially romance, Café Restaurant Mi Casa, Ancha de San Antonio 20, located on the grounds of the legendary Art & Language School, Instituto Allende, has reopened under new management. Seating will be situated around the main courtyard’s fountain. The restaurant will be presenting a new, revamped menu. 


The grounds of Instituto offer a stunning, unobstructed, and unmatched view of San Miguel’s historical center with the Parroquia front and center. Instituto Allende, Bellas Artes, and Biblioteca are the pillars the reputation of San Miguel stands on. 


Romance comes into play at Instituto particularly on Fridays from 6–8pm when renowned violinist, Criss Zarza plays and wows diners in a developed romantic atmosphere, playing classic love songs that are recognized worldwide. Zarza also plays weekdays at the café-restaurant during lunch, Monday–Thursdays, 1–2pm. 


On Sundays, beginning at 10am Mi Casa now offers a sumptuous brunch menu. Zarza plays Sundays at 1p.m. for brunch. 


In 2020, Instituto Allende celebrates its 70 year anniversary. It has become a historical landmark—second only to perhaps the Parroquia—with its school that has attracted people from around the world and has served as what very well may be the principal ingredient responsible for jump starting San Miguel’s modern day renaissance in the ‘50s, leading to the city’s current-day prominence. First erected in 1735, the building served as the private residence of the illustrious De La Canal family. In the late ‘40s the Fernández family took over the property, gentrified it, and erected the Instituto. 


Giants of the Mexican art world, Rivera, Siqueiros, and Tamayo, graced the art school serving as resident painters and guest professors. Many of San Miguel’s most famous artists are graduates of Instituto Allende.


The new management is excited to be able to provide fabulous meals and service in such a historical institution. All standards concerning sanitation have been efficiently met and every precaution has been taken to safeguard diners and staff.


For reservations and information call 415 152 0444.