Fernando Pérez Vázquez: Everything Vibrates

Fernando Pérez Vázquez: Everything Vibrates

By Fran Schiavo


Magenta Gallery is proud to introduce assemblage artist Fernando Pérez Vázquez to San Miguel’s art scene. 


Although safety concerns prevent an opening event, we invite all to view his work at the gallery, Zacateros 26, Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11a.m.-4p.m. We can also arrange private showings for interested clients. 


Modern assemblage art is generally traced back to Marcel Duchamp’s 1913 work “Bicycle Wheel.” He called it “assisted readymade” and, as continues with the genre today, this type of art involves the combination and alteration of found objects into works which elicit new meanings for the artist and the viewer. 


Fernando explains: “My assemblages try to vindicate those objects that apparently have no use, reminding us that nothing dies, that everything vibrates, shines and is worthy.” 


Working with found pieces of wood and iron, clay and bronze, Fernando seeks to enhance and harmonize those materials’ shapes, colors, lights, and textures. 


He assembles “useful and useless objects, antiques and contemporary, joining their materials and shapes with ideas, so they can speak without words, bringing forth their colors, volumes, and textures to express something new.” 


Fernando moved to San Miguel from Mexico City in September 2019, and began collecting old objects he found in the many bazaars and tiraderos in the area.


He traces his technical skills to his early childhood experiences with tools. In the last few years he completed courses and workshops related to painting, clay sculpture, and metal art. His assemblages synthesize these childhood and adult learning experiences. 


The initial phase of assembly, Fernando says, “is my favorite part of the process and the one I enjoy the most. It starts by having in front of my eyes many pieces at the work table, seeking balanced and harmonic composition. I find myself very connected with every piece; each one has a meaning. The most gratifying moment is when a collector shares with me the attraction of the final work.”


Fernando encourages all to visit Magenta,“I find so much talent in my fellow artists and feel flattered sharing space with them.” In addition to Fernando, other Magenta artists are Harry Ally, Steve Ellis, Pat Miller, Lola Picó, Fran Schiavo, and Cathy Taylor. Learn more at www.magentagallery.com.