Red Cross Grand Auction Successfully Held

Red Cross Grand Auction Successfully Held

Photo: Mónica Barragán, Juan José Infante, Fabricio Tomé, Érica Carrillo


Last weekend the San Miguel Red Cross organized a grand auction of painting, sculpture, and crafts produced by natives and residents, to raise funds for equipment renewal and medical supplies for its 12 ambulances.


About 30 people gathered at the in-person auction in Fábrica La Aurora but, via whatsapp, registered participants with catalog in hand also made bids to win art works.


The auction lasted until late at night, with attendees enjoying sandwiches, wine, and popsicles, surrounded by sculptures like one of San Miguel Arcángel, crafts, like mirrors and headboards, and paintings.


At the end of the auction, Leticia Fernández, president of the department of medical emergencies, told Atención that 37 pieces had been successfully auctioned, raising more than 200 thousand pesos, of which 50 percent will go to the Red Cross.

Foto: Zonia Torres, Leticia Fernández, Lola Landa