Perfect Day: Cuna de Tierra

Perfect Day: Cuna de Tierra

By Carolina Alonzo


We all seek to relax a bit and find new activities these day. What better way to do it than at a vineyard, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, bike ride, tour, and more.

Cuna de Tierra is located on the outskirts of the city of Dolores Hidalgo, with an wonderful environment so you can spend an excellent weekend, enjoying an incredible view and the excellent services that they offer. Get ahead, get out of the routine!



The best way is to start your experience in the vineyard is by tasting an excellent breakfast with some tasty Swiss enchiladas with fried mushrooms; or delicious eggs Benedict. Breakfasts are available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am-12pm, by reservation only. But if you want a different schedule, you can call ahead and reserve. 


Tour and Tasting (45min-1hr)

After your breakfast, we highly recommend you take the “Tour and Tasting,” which is given at three different times: 11am, 1pm and 3pm. This is a guided tour through the vineyard by cart accompanied by a guide. You will visit the Torre de Tierra overlook, the production and earth tower viewpoint, production area and wine cellars. You can enjoy the incredible view and atmosphere while they tell you the history of the place, and the elaboration process for the delicious wine that they make. What better way to appreciate the beautiful landscapes that this amazing place offers! At the end of the tour, they take you to the tank area, to learn about the fermentation and aging process of the wine; and finally to the wine cellar where they explain everything having to do with wine barrels. And as a last touch, you will be invited to either the esplanade or into the restaurant for wine tasting with the sommelier Jorge Garay. 


Tasting of 4 labels:

-Cheese board and fine charcuterie

-2 Crianza wines (red wine), young wine (white wine or rosé) and mistela (dessert wine)

-Table with chocolates

-2 aging wines (red wines), young wine (white wine or rosé) and mistela (dessert wine).


Food Pairing

After the tour you can enjoy an excellent food pairing which is prepared by chef Ricardo Luna Torres. This experience begins at 1pm, starting at the tower, continuing through the wine cellars, and finally in the living room and dining room. Here the tasting is done with 4 wines paired with a 4-course meal: 2 appetizers, 1 entree, and 1 dessert. The four wines served are usually white or rosé, young, reserve, and either a dessert or red, depending on the dish that is served. The focus is on contemporary Mexican dishes, with different combinations. There is also a seasonal menu which is changed constantly.

At the end of your experience with the food pairing, we recommend you take a ride on the bicycles that are available. How does that work? You simply ask one of the restaurant employees who will then direct you to pick up one of the bicycles located on the esplanade. And you’re off to enjoy an incredible bike ride, getting to know the vineyard on your own, as you enjoy the rich climate and landscapes that the place offers.


Menu a la carte

If arrive on the spur of the moment, without reservation, you still have the option of going to the restaurant and ordering ala carte. Some of the dishes available are empanadas, aguachiles, cove tuna tostadas, hamburgers, pizzas, cuts of meat, fish, etc. The food is fresh, since they use the Kilometer 0 program. That means that most, if not all of their products are local; ecologically harvested within a 100 kilometer radius. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or have dietary restrictions, they can adapt their dishes to your requirement so you will not miss out on tasting these delicacies.


Wine Maker

If you are a wine lover, then the Wine Maker experience will be a great plus, allowing you to make your own wine. You are given a sample of 5 monovarietal wines (wine made with a single grape variety), you choose a percentage of the wine samples, and mix them until you create your favorite flavor. You are then given a bottle with your totally personalized wine.


Contingency restrictions during the pandemic:

You don’t need to worry because all the necessary health measures and restrictions are in place so that you can enjoy yourself safely.

There is restriction on the number of people. Once 40-50 people access are in, no one else is allowed. It is highly recommended to book your visit in advance. Temperatures are taken and disinfecting gel is used.

When you arrive at the gate, a guard at the entrance will take your temperature and give you some antibacterial gel to use prior to entering the vineyard