First phase of traffic lights activated

First phase of traffic lights activated

Last Fri., Oct. 2, the traffic lights located at the crossing of the former Ignacio Allende roundabout were activated, astonishing San Miguel motorists and city visitors.

The traffic lights had been blinking in red and orange colors since April, as determined by the Department of Roads and Transport, in order for motorists to recognize the points of intersection and moderate their speed.


Although they were installed under the premise of solving traffic problems in the lower and upper parts of the city, not all motorists agree with their implementation, as pointed out by Hugo Cabrera, a San Miguel motorist, “Activation of the traffic lights is an inconvenience for Sanmiguelenses; it is unclear when we have to pass.”


This is due to the fact that the traffic lights installed in the city are intelligent, with sensors that are activated according to the traffic flow. Last weekend, traffic officials assisted motorists, indicating that it was necessary to arrive at a white mark that is painted on the ground, in order for the other traffic lights to receive the signal and allow vehicular passage on that side.


Official sources commented that the traffic lights will also help municipal security as they have license plate detection cameras, allowing the registration of vehicles that enter the municipality.


Along with the traffic light activation came the implementation of pedestrian traffic lights, which have a smart button to request the right of way. There are also lanes with traffic lights exclusively for buses.


Although installed in mid-December of last year, the only traffic lights that are currently active are the ones in the upper part of the city, in the former SAPASMA roundabout, the Ignacio Allende intersection, and on Lib. José Manuel Zavala. There is no official date set for the total activation of all traffic lights.


Sources: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende, Department of Roads and Transport