Online Concert: Tango y Camino

Online Concert: Tango y Camino

By Rossana Conte


Keila’s story begins in a small town of Argentina, where she spent most of her childhood, with dreams of being an actress and singer. Today she sings Tango in the streets, stations, milongas, theaters … Entrepreneurship has been her activity, which includes many others, and for her that word has only one meaning: independence, in many of its aspects: economic, family, emotional and spiritual … Traveling is another activity that she likes, and she travels more and more… Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Japan, China and now Mexico. She pays for her tickets by singing and resounding with those who support those who dream and dare to undertake the journey. The path is being made by walking, feeling and risking … not without fear, not without doubts, not without mistakes or falls.


Her voice, her main tool, has been her greatest achievement and learning, on a technical, physical and emotional level. Channel of expression and point of vulnerability that sets the course and rhythm for each step. Listening to Keila, the power and tonalities of her voice, transports us to the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of the malevaje and the immigrant slums, from the dim-light bars to the streets of the gate and the lantern.


Her timeless and daring style, feminine and sensual, whispers stories in our ear, that we have lived a thousand times in the imagination, and, that if we are lucky, we can live in reality: loves and heartbreaks, times and no-times, longing and truth.


Without paying attention to the “purists” of tango, Keila has created her own style, deep and provocative, that together with her unique sense of humor, and her enormous mastery of the stage, envelops and lulls us.


Tango y Camino is the recount of her wanderings and her resonances through the places where she has walked, the people she has loved, and the music she grew up with, and that within her grows ever larger, more experiential, deeper.


Keila will sing tangos and milongas for us, in a concert of approximately 40 minutes, which will be broadcast live from our beautiful Santa Ana Theater, on Thursday, October 8, starting at 6pm.


Digital tickets are on sale from October 1 on the PayPal platform and can also be purchased in person at Tienda Tesoros (Insurgentes 27) and at Café Santa Ana (Reloj 50A).


This concert is part of a series of digital concerts that the Public Library, the Santa Ana Theater has been offering, and will continue to do so, to give our artists a forum, our audience a product of artistic quality and our Theater a projection.