FRENAA movement demonstrations against the president take place at the Zócalo

FRENAA movement demonstrations against the president take place at the Zócalo

The National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAA), took over the Zócalo plaza in Mexico City, in a protest demanding the resignation of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the president of the republic.


The march consisted of members and leaders of FRENAA from all over the country. It began at the Independence Monument, continued along Avenida Juárez, then Eje Central and finally 5 de Mayo. The march culminated with the occupation of the Zócalo plaza where tents were installed. According to FRENAA, an estimated 183 thousand protesters participated in the occupation. They insist on remaining there until the president resigns. 


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador commented in a morning conference this week, that “they should be not looking forward to it [his resignation], because I have 70% support.”  He recommended that they wait for middle elections, which could take place in 2022. The president assured that the protesters will have all rights guaranteed during the occupation and recommended the leaders of FRENAA  “not to pretend” and “stay the night in the camp.” He also pointed out 10 polls of which 9 show him maintaining his approval levels.


With this occupation of the Zócalo there have now been 3 massive movements by FRENAA against President Obrador. The organization has several movements throughout the country, including in Guanajuato. It is estimated that at least 35 people from the state traveled to support the movement against the president.


The FRENAA movement calls itself a peaceful, citizens’ movement that seeks to remove Andrés Manuel L. Obrador from the presidency. According to its leaders, the members are non-partisan and the movement is non-profit. The leader is businessman Pedro Luis Martín Bringas, former executive of Grupo Soriana.


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