Long Live Music!

Long Live Music!

Photo: Daniel Tovar


The city’s Directorate of Culture and Traditions introduces a new and exciting audiovisual production titled “Qué Bonita es Esta Vida” (how beautiful is this life.) Gifted San Miguel de Allende voices have gathered and will take us through some of the most representative and significant sites in the city, all with the intent of showing everyone how life goes on here: happy, colorful, beautiful.


Paulina Cadena, the director of Culture and Traditions, told us how the idea came about. She said that when the pandemic arrived, she thought about how to help the world of music. She convinced public administration to allocate five million pesos to help artists who were going through a hard time because there was no work for them due to a lack of events. Through this program, 570 musicians have received support so far. 


Then came the idea to engage not only the musicians and singers, but also the local population and visitors. She helped in providing an audiovisual medium for the lyrics of Jorge Celedón, who covers the music of maestro Gil Gutiérrez, and she gathered the voices of artists born in and adopted by the city. Among the singers are Morgana Love, Gaby Espinosa, Xavier Gibler, Gaby Perales, César Valderrama, Damián Tovar, Kamila, and the girls from the municipal Choir Network.


These are the sites that will be featured in the production: the tunnel at the old railway crossing of La Huerta, the ancient sabino tree (Montezuma bald cypress), the Parroquia of St. Michael the Archangel, Zeferino Gutiérrez Park, the main square, city streets, and emblematic buildings. The video is available on Facebook and other digital platforms.

Morgana Love