San Miguel ElecTrikes. Pedal to Win

San Miguel ElecTrikes. Pedal to Win

By Lesley B. Fay


Imagine a vehicle that is simple and fun… that zips you across San Miguel quicker than a car and uses less energy on a 150-mile ride than a 5-minute hot shower. Imagine big fat tires that go over the cobblestones and topes with ease and stability. You are imagining the San Miguel ElecTrike! The addition of a small electric motor on this tricycle gives you options to pedal and/or cruise. Looking to get your heart pumping? Kick your Trike into regenerative mode and use your pedal power. Do not want to sweat? Turn up the power and pedal on. You can peddle with or without the battery.


Many of us are seeking a healthier, more active lifestyle, wanting to stay fit while social distancing. Riding your ElecTrike is a great solution. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Riding an ElecTrike is affordable, fun, and smart. Zip out to shop (using your Trike baskets and green bags) and combine regular exercise with your everyday errands. You get lots of cargo carrying space with a front and rear basket. Once you begin riding for exercise on your ElecTrike at a lower intensity, you can then build up to a more physical workout at your own pace.


Everyone has become more aware of the environmental impact of motor vehicles on our planet. Not only the exhaust but the traffic congestion and noise level. ElecTrikes are one of the coolest solutions available today to help reduce our impact on the environment. They do not burn fossil fuel, and consequently do not release any exhaust gases into the atmosphere like regular gas vehicles do. An average car releases approximately two tons of carbon dioxide each year. ElecTrike zero. An average sedan car (not SUV) is 487 cm x 198 cm. The ElecTrike 172 cm x 78 cm, that makes a big difference in the carbon footprint. Riding the ElecTrike is quiet, no loud motor to fill your head or distract your thinking. Feel like a kid again, cruising down the street on your bike, the crisp air, the warm sun and not a care in the world.


We all know the feeling parking stress in San Miguel. Your ElecTrike will save you money and stress! You can park your ElecTrike free of charge in the San Miguel Scooter and Bike parking around town. Easier parking is one more way your ElecTrike will get you to your destination faster than a car. You will be parked, sipping your cappuccino at the Jardin, while the person in a car is still circling around looking for a parking space. 


Join the SMA solution! Hop on your ElecTrike and not only will you have fun, but you will be a part of the environmentally conscious solution for San Miguel and the Earth. A win for all! 


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