Lola Villegas presents her exhibition “Thaumaturgy” at Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende

Lola Villegas presents her exhibition “Thaumaturgy” at Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende

On Saturday, September 12, Mexican artist Lola Villegas presented her art exhibition called Thaumaturgy—a thaumaturge is a miracle worker, a magician. The works were shown in the central patio of the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel de Allende and will continue to be exhibited for 3 months. The 14 works that make up Thaumaturgy will be available for sale and will be displayed in the central courtyard “La Casona” in Rosewood.


Lola explained that her desire to exhibit the works arose 9 months ago, when she visited the Rosewood hotel where paintings by Leonora Carrington and Pedro Friedeberg were exhibited. “I thought, I would love for my works to be here, and, nine months later I have this great opportunity to be here.” Villegas explained the meaning of her works; “I think we all have the ability to do magic, to create what we think, to make our dreams come true. I invite you to do magic, to always focus on color and joy,” he concluded.


During the opening of the exhibition, Lola stayed at the hotel and mingled with hotel guests and visitors who came to see her work. All the art pieces had a QR code showing information about the sculpture, a brief profile of Lola, and the price for the piece. Many guests attended the exhibition, including Luis Fabián Flores, Aarón Díaz, Lola Ponce, Alfredo Rentería and Paulina Gómez. 


Lola’s mother, Leticia Leal described her daughter’s art as “modern and wonderful.” She also pointed out that her daughter’s works are different from other contemporary art. “She prepared, she studied. She got excellent grades on her professional exam and the teachers were stunned to see her working with materials that they had never worked with in their lives at the university.”


Anabel Gutiérrez, guest of the hotel, commented “I am impressed, I consider Lola a young woman full of energy. She brings a different presentation. I like the finish, I like that it is monochromatic, I feel that it is original and it’s coming out of the concept of a painting or a sculpture.”


Lola Villegas was born in Mexico City and completed her studies in the visual arts degree at Anahuac University. Her works are based on the manipulation of polymers, “they seek to escape from reality,” and the pieces achieve a three-dimensional effect that can be views from any angle.