Antonia Bistro SMA

Antonia Bistro SMA

Antonia Bistro SMA follows the tradition of its name. The original concept of a bistro was conceived in Paris as a small restaurant serving moderately priced meals and cocktails. Bistros are usually defined by the foods they serve, and in Antonia’s case, the cuisine is predominantly Mediterranean. The bistro has been creating its inspired cuisine for four years, using mostly local ingredients and varying the menu frequently to entice and surprise its customers. Every three months, the bistro changes its dishes, and every week it offers a new special, whether vegetarian or a meat dish. Some of these dishes have been as varied as using goat cheese with camote and corn or placing it alongside sausage with a vinaigrette. 


Currently on the menu, the bistro features a wonderful beef carpaccio with artichokes, parmesan cheese, and capers. If you happen to like tacos or enjoy appetizers, Antonia Bistro brings you shrimp tacos with peppers and cabbage smothered with a papaya relish. It also has a brisket sandwich that’s to die for. The meat is roasted for six or seven hours, and the sandwich is topped with roasted pineapple and onions. Aside from the appetizers, you can also order a full entrée such as pasta with a cream sauce and a side of roast beef. For those who enjoy a large plate of beef, there is the ribeye, with a side dish of mashed potatoes served with au jus. There are also unusual dishes such as salmon tataki with vegetable noodles and a tapenade made with roast peppers. The bistro offers several desserts that are creative and delicious such as the crème brûlée, which changes every week. There is a special gluten-free dessert flavored with Rompope and coconut. Antonia Bistro tries not to overwhelm with too many choices but still strives for variety and great flavor. Choose among a good selection of wines to accompany your meal, or go for a cocktail. Just like the food, the cocktail specials vary from week to week.


San Francisco 57 

Daily, 1-10pm

415 152 7295