Art Opening “The Wild Substance”

Art Opening “The Wild Substance”

Photo: Cuerpo Lenguaje

By Arturo Aranda


“We see with the eyes, but we also see with the brain. And seeing with the brain is often called imagination. But there are also hallucinations, and hallucinations are completely different, they don’t seem to be of our making, they don’t seem to be under our control. They seem to come from outside and mimic perception.” 

– Oliver Sacks 


The wild substance is the tissue of hallucinations the wild substance is a cloud of neurons 

the wild substance is an electrochemical storm the wild substance is a paradox 

the wild substance is an intangible way of life 

the wild substance is an invisible organ 

the wild substance is similar to the sensation of reality

the wild substance is capable of perceiving you while you imagine it

the wild substance is curious and will approach to observe you 

the wild substance is flexible

can be folded

can be dissolved

can be melted


wild substance is volatile

can be multiplied

you can remember and try to describe it

the wild substance is immeasurable

it’s an abyss

the wild substance is psychedelic

when you come in contact with the wild substance

“We don’t just see things that no one has seen before

we see things that no one will see again “

we wish to get closer to the wild substance

and touch her

and bring it into existence

the wild substance is a presence that insists

The wild substance is a meeting of explorers and each member is a channel

by which the wild substance has been manifested.

– Salvador Herrera


The Wild Substance is a collective exhibition that was born as an initiative of Casa Fehrrera with the purpose of articulating a group of artists whose body of work addresses psychedelia in the strict sense of its Greek root: ψυχή, “soul”, and δηλωτικό, “manifest”, that is, the manifestation of the soul, or, of the mind.


Each artist explores the universe of the imagination, as if trying to turn the body from the inside out, from the most intimate part of the individuality, catapulting their visions towards the community, opening portals to the precipice of unreality.


All these hallucinations seem to have chosen their creator as a means to give signs of their existence, as if they were an external consciousness inhabiting the unexplored landscapes of the human mind, inviting us to reflect on the infinite crack of the taxonomic tree, where we may find other forms of life that intersect with our reality.


In this curatorial line we will have artists who from different parts of the national territory have opened the threshold from an inhospitable and delusional region that throws a piece of the puzzle of our dreams, as well as of our instincts and desires, raising from the underground one of the different banners of the Mexican psychedelic renaissance.