José Luis Arias: An exemplary artist in San Miguel

José Luis Arias: An exemplary artist in San Miguel

José Luis is a visual artist from Mazatlán, Sinaloa. He has been working for the past 25 years as art gallery director and docent. At present, he has a studio in the Hotel Sierra Nevada location across from the wash basins near El Chorro. He conducts classes at this location and he also creates his works of art here. 


Almost his entire life has been dedicated to art and teaching. He began studying and producing visual art from the age of 12, when he began to take art courses and became part of the art community. He studied visual arts at the Institute Allende and received his master’s degree there. One of the people that he most admired from his early years was the artist Antonio López Sáenz. Eventually, this painter from Mazatlan became his teacher and with him Jose Luis learned to study and appreciate works of art. 


At this time, Jose Luis brings us a painting exposition titled “Poetic Fragments,” which will be presented at Café Santa Ana of the Biblioteca Pública. The exhibit is made up of nine pieces, each crafted with different art techniques. Some will be collages, others “art ensembles,” and some mixed media. All of them are presented with the idea of enlightening the public awareness of different types media and allowing them to enlarge their scope of critical evaluation of art. The pieces in the exhibit address the significance of imagery and the mingling of reality with artistic myth. Don’t miss it! From Monday to Sunday from 9am to 3pm

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