They will attend to points of risk due to rains in San Miguel de Allende

They will attend to points of risk due to rains in San Miguel de Allende

According to the director of Civil Protection, Josafat Enríquez, the previous rains that have occurred in the municipality have not caused damage or damage to the municipality, however, it is expected that in the month of September the rains will be constant.

Enriquez pointed out that in the first 10 days of rains, no damage or affectation has been registered in the municipality, however, it is planned to attend to the risk points due to rains to prevent any accident.


According to the director, the rains began on May 15 of the present and is expected to end on November 30, according to the National Metrological System, rains are forecast from Monday, September 14 to 19 of the same month, cloudy days will appear with occasional rains in the afternoons.


In a meeting with the State Civic Protection Coordination, 6 out of 15 points of risks presented by the municipality were validated.


The risk points that were removed are; board “El Chupadero” in Moral Puerto del Nieto, board “Los Chilitos” in the Ejido of Llano Blanco, Rio San Marcos in Cruz del Palmar, Rio Laja in Cieneguita, Rio Laja in Atotonilco and the stream” Palo Colorado “in Rancho Viejo.


Those in charge of addressing the risk points will be the Civic Protection Department, the Infrastructure and Public Works department, the Social development department, the Environment and Sustainability department, and the National WATER Commission (CONAGUA).


Civil Protection analyzes the water levels in dams and borders of the municipality and pointed out that the Ignacio Allende dam is at 25% of its capacity, the Calderón dam, the Charco del Ingenio dam and the dam located at the exit to Celaya are It is at 80% of its capacity, for its part, the edge of San Carlos in Palmita de Landeta marks levels of 60%.
Dams and borders will be measured during the rainy season to prevent damage to the municipality.


Source: Civic Protection and Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende.