How to obtain the certificate “Primero la Salud” for your establishment

How to obtain the certificate “Primero la Salud” for your establishment

In view of the program to reactivate the economy of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, establishments require the “Primer la Salud” seal granted by the county.


To process the seal you may enter the portal, and must meet the following requirements:

    • Official identification of the applicant both sides; (INE or Passport) digitized or legible photo.
    • Digitized proof of address or legible photo.
    • Certificates of the person in charge and / or in charge of establishing compliance with the courses taught by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) called “All about the Prevention of COVID-19” and “Recommendations for a Safe Return to COVID-19” both available at
    • Letter of commitment to comply with the health protocols, issued by the applicant, filled out by hand (preferably in blue ink) and digitized or photo-readable, can be downloaded here.
    • CURP can be reviewed at


After meeting the requirements, the Civic Protection Department will check that the establishment complies with the following requirements as health measures:

  • Have antibacterial gel in the spaces defined in the protocols;
  • Verify the use of face masks in the terms of the Municipal Protocols;
  • Existence of the sanitary filter in accordance with the Municipal Protocols;
  • Use of gloves, cap, plastic face shields, protective glasses or acrylic barriers according to internal protocols;
  • Sanitation logs;
  • Customer registration log form containing their contact information;
  • Verification of sanitary waste management;
  • Verification of compliance with the conditions to comply with the allowed capacity and with the rules of healthy distance;
  • Compliance with collection management rules.


Civil Protection will review and validate the requirements to obtain the “Primero la Salud” certificate.


For more information, visit the page or the number 415 152 9605 with attention from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


In the municipality 2329 certified establishments, the opening of the premises may vary according to the epidemiological traffic light, currently the municipality of San Miguel de Allende is in phase 2.


Sources: Municipal Government of San Miguel de Allende.