Women victims of violence and collectivists protest at the offices of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

Women victims of violence and collectivists protest at the offices of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

Photo: La Razón de México


Last Wednesday, September 2 of the present, Marcela Alemán, mother of a daughter who was a victim of rape in San Luis Potosí, tied herself in one of the CNDH chairs in protest after the head of the Commission, Rosario Piedra Ibarra, said his daughter’s investigation folder was poorly integrated.


Silvia Carrillo, the mother of a murdered young man, also attended the meeting and, in the same way, was informed of the bad integration of the letter, Silvia threatened to commit suicide.


This is how several women from the feminist collective went to the CNDH offices and started a protest in which justice is sought for cases that have not yet received a response from the authorities.


On Friday, September 4, the collectivists managed to enter the offices, evict the workers and turn the offices into a refuge for women, a day after the taking of the building both Silvia and Marcela left the place, although the protest continued .


During the seizure of the CNDH offices, he released a statement asking to respect the assets of the facilities, however, members of the group “Not one less” indicated that the statements were directed to the media since they had not been contacted by anyone from the commission.


President Manuel López Obrador in a conference said he respected the demonstration but did not agree with the painting on the image of Madero’s painting.


Erika Martínez, the mother of a daughter who was sexually abused by her stepfather, mentioned that three years have passed and she still has not received justice, her daughter, now 10 years old, painted on the painting of Francisco I. Madero.


“This painting, these flowers, these painted lips, my daughter painted them. My daughter, a girl who was sexually abused at the age of 7. So I want to tell that president how outraged he is by this painting. Why is he not outraged when my daughter was abused ?! ” Erika yelled in a video in front of the painting.


After the course of the protest, the collectivists found several cuts of meat and fine cheeses that have served as food for the protesters, according to Erika Martínez, more than 30 people eat food from the building.


The collectivists invite the victims of violence to stay in the CNDH building now converted into the “Refugio Ni una menos”, they warn, they will go to more government offices to demand justice.


To date, the collectivists receive donations in kind for the maintenance of the protest and indicate that they will not return the building.


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